Farm - Arable And Pastural

Located on the east of Snettisham village our 329 acre farm has been in the Stanton family for three generations

Since 1982

Bought in 1982 the farm was solely agricultural but has since diversified into livestock and tourism.


Here at Park Farm we are transitioning to more sustainable agriculture, particularly the collaboration between the arable and livestock sectors.

Our farm provides wheat for animal feed, malting barley, sugar beet and grass. The grass is used to feed the red deer herd as well as the sheep, horses and ponies whilst the straw is used for livestock bedding. 

The straw-based animal manure is then recycled onto the land as valuable organic fertiliser.


With a passion for red deer, Edward (the second generation of the Stanton Family) brought the red deer onto the farm from Scotland in 1986. The main deer herd (as seen on the Snettisham Park Safari Ride) are used for breeding with their offspring reared on the farm and then sold for venison to retailers such as Waitrose.

Our sheep flock, consisting of 400 ewes, also graze the permanent pastures on the farm. We buy in mule sheep from Skipton in Yorkshire most years. These are produced by crossing the Swaledale ewe found in the hills around Skipton with the Blue-faced Leicester ram. We then cross this breed with the Suffolk ram to provide our replacement sheep. These Suffolk X Mules are then put to a Texel ram to produce a lean quality lamb which the market requires.

The flock spend the majority of their time outside but are brought inside in late winter/early spring to lamb. We believe our animals enjoy a great quality of life on the farm and that this provides our customers with top quality end produce.