Terms & Conditions

Updated Jan 24

By booking the Dog Paddock and using the other facilities at Park Farm, Snettisham you (‘the Client’) are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions of Stanton Farms Limited (‘The Proprietor’).


  1. No dog should be left unattended at any time during your visit.
  2. No dogs should be tethered to any structures during their visit.
  3. Dogs must be always kept on a lead when outside the paddock and whilst the gate is open.
  4. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure the paddock is suitable before letting your dogs off the lead. Clients are responsible for their dogs whilst using the facilities.
  5. The Client is only permitted to use the paddock during their reserved timeslot. The parking bays must also be vacated by the end of the booked timeslot.
  6. Please remain in your car until the time of your reserved timeslot for previous users to exit without the dogs meeting. If the paddock is occupied during your timeslot please check your confirmation email in the first instance and then call Caroline on 07768011241.
  7. Do not enter the paddock before your reserved timeslot as we may be doing maintenance and it may not be secure.
  8. The Client must ensure the gate is not left unlocked at any time.
  9. The paddock and the car parking areas must be left in a clean and tidy condition on leaving.
    All litter, dog toys and dog excrement MUST be picked up and put in the bins provided.
    Failure to comply with this will result in the Client being banned from future bookings.
  1. Please notify the proprietor of any damage to the paddock. Please fill in any holes your dog creates and notify the proprietor immediately.
  2. The site can be muddy and slippery and has uneven surfaces. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear as cancellations due to weather are not accepted.
  3. The equipment belongs to the proprietors and must not be removed from the paddock. Damaged equipment must be paid for by the Client.
  4. The Proprietors reserve the right to remove any equipment at any time without prior notice.
  5. Children our welcome but they must be accompanied at all times by someone over the age of 18. Responsibility of the children remains entirely with the Client.
  6. The hire of the paddock does not constitute any rights over any of the land.
  7. Smoking, BBQ’s and fires are not permitted on the site.


XL Bully Dogs

In order to comply with our insurers, XL Bully Dogs can use the field on the following basis:

  1. The dog is registered with the index of exempted dog (IED) and a copy of the life certificate is obtained and provided to us in the event of a claim.
  2. A copy of the public liability insurance certificate for the dog is obtained and provided to us in the event of a claim.
  3. The dog handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times unless with other dogs from the same household
  4. The dog is Neutered – in line with Government Rules
  5. The dog is Micro Chipped
  6. The dog is kept on a lead and muzzled until the gate is shut when entering the field
  7. The dog is put back on a lead and muzzled before opening the gate to leave the field
  8. You can remove the lead and muzzle once inside the secured field
  9. If the household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the field together as long as they have a minimum of 1 handler. All dogs leads and muzzles can be removed once in the field including the XL Bully.
    If there are dogs from different households, the banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all time with a 1:1 handler



  • No booking will be secured without payment. The correct payment must be selected on the booking page for the correct number of dogs.
  • Family & friends are welcome to share a timeslot as long as the dogs don’t display bad behaviour to each other. You agree this at yours and the other owner(s) risk.
  • Payments are non-refundable unless the hire is cancelled 48 hours before the booked timeslot.
  • Online payments via the booking page only. We do not accept bookings in person at the farm.
  • The gate code will be changed regularly and without notice. The code will be sent in the confirmation email. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure they have the code available when arriving at the field.
  • The Client must not pass on the gate code to anyone who is not using the paddock within their timeslot.
  • Late arrivals must still leave at the end of the booked timeslot.



  • The proprietor reserves the right to cancel or close the paddock at any time and without notice. In the event that closure of the paddock has to happen without notice, any bookings during this time will be refunded in full or credited to your account. Credited accounts must be used within 6 months for data protection reasons.


Dog health

  • All dogs using the field must be fully vaccinated and up to date with flea, tick and worming treatment.
  • Please ensure dogs are fit and well before using the paddock. If your dogs are displaying any signs of ill behaviour, please do not visit the paddock.



The use of the farm facilities is entirely at the Clients (and others connected with the booking) own risk. No claim can be made against the proprietor for any accident, injury, loss or death sustained to persons, equipment or animals whilst using the facilities at Park Farm, Snettisham.


Marketing and publication

Stanton Farms Ltd reserves the right to use any material (text, images, etc) sent to us for marketing purposes.

The paddocks use is checked regularly, and anyone seen ignoring the above Terms and Conditions will be asked to leave.

In the event of any problems, please call Caroline on 07768011241.